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Going Green? Can Green Chemicals Really Clean Carpeting?

More any more commercial buildings are going Green. Many educational and governmental facilities even require the use of Green cleaning products. LEED certification is becoming more popular in many commercial buildings and facilities. What about cleaning all the carpeting in these establishments? Can a Green chemical really effectively clean the carpet? Will the cost of this transition be worth it?

Green chemicals have come along way over the last few years. There are now "Green" products that can clean just as well or even better than their non-green counterparts. A large majority of "Green" products are little more costly per gallon than the non-green products. However, the benefits of use outweigh the extra costs. Although, there are a few "Green" products out there that are actually cheaper to use than non-green products. A good carpet cleaning chemical example is a product called "Code: Green."

Code: Green is a product that was not only designed to be "Green," but also to be an all purpose carpet cleaning agent. Manufacturer results have shown a decrease in costs because of labor and productivity savings using this "All-in-One" Carpet Cleaning Agent. This product has been Green Seal Certified and has been awarded CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Approval for its superior cleaning ability.

You may want to check out this product. Code: Green is a perfect example of how a "Green" product can actually improve your cleaning ability and save time & money in the cleaning process itself. The manufacturer's website has a great "Code: Green Comparison Worksheet" that will show you how much money you can save with their product. You can see this product here: Code: Green.

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