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Watch Out for Free Paper Towel Dispensers

You are looking for a new paper product supplier. One supplier offers you free dispensers for your facility. What a deal ! Without even looking any further, you decide to sign up the new supplier. The way you figure it.... 15 free dispensers is about $450 of free stuff. However, the real story may cost you tons of money in the long run.

Many times, this is called "Product Locking." A supplier may be the sole distributor in your area of a proprietary roll paper towel. This supplier wants to make sure you cannot get your paper towels from somewhere cheaper, so the supplier will give you free dispensers. These dispensers have a mechanism that only allows paper towels with the matching cutout roll design to fit into this dispenser. What do you know... the only person with that matching cut design on the roll towel is the supplier that gave you those free paper towel dispensers. Many times you end up paying anywhere from $10-$15 more per case of paper towels than a good comparison product from another manufacturer or supplier. Even if you end up getting the paper towels for a good price now, what happens when the paper towels go up in price? You are "locked" into this product. Over the long run, you can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of extra dollars on paper towels over the years.

When searching for roll paper towel dispensers, make sure the dispensers are "universal." This allows different manufacturers products to fit in the dispenser. By doing this, you are giving yourself freedom to change suppliers and/or manufacturers for roll paper towel. This will always give you the opportunity to save money on paper towels. A good source for your "universal" paper towel dispensers is: Roll Towel Dispensers.

Once you have chosen your paper towel dispensers, here is a great place for cheap roll paper towels: Roll Paper Towels.


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